Monday, 7 August 2017

BLS International introduces Mobile Biometric Services

Mobile Bio metrics is a present-day pre-requisite, among massive portfolio of Value Added Services extended by BLS International Services. The organization aims to disentangle visa application process by providing service in the name of Mobile Bio-metrics at an applicant’s offices/residence or any other location, subject to risk assessment.

How will it benefit an applicant? 

Mobile Biometric services make it effortless to serve large groups better such as corporate employees, students, film production unit members, sport teams, special needs groups, and weddings guests. Besides, these kind of mobile services are also quite convenient, time-saving and hassle free way of submitting their visa application.

Mobile Biometrics is also very effective for privacy, which might be awaited from, but not limited to VIP, actors, singers, artists and entrepreneurs. The services speaks volume of personal delivery of services i.e. a dedicated VAC personnel visits your residence/premise/office.

How does our service work?

Applicants are informed about the option of Mobile Biometrics collections through various sources like website, email and call centre. BLS International’s Website has all the required details about Mobile Biometrics, fees and FAQ’s. 

There on, Dedicated Call Centre number and email ID for inquiry for Mobile Biometrics is published on BLS Spain Visa Application website.

For enquiry, applicants can send their queries on email, separate e-mail ID (mentioned below).

If you wish to avail Mobile Biometrics Services extended by BLS International Services Ltd, then please reach out to us at: 

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