Thursday, 6 July 2017

Punjab Sewa Kendra : An opportunity to a life of dignity

All humans are gifted in their own way. What matters in the end is how well we make use of natural skills and contribute to Society in a positive manner?

Physical challenged persons too strive for self-image and endowed with special skills. They are aware of their limitations. There are certain things they cannot do in the same way. But at the mental level they are no different from any other person and quite often better than them. A society must be sensitive to encourage and include physically challenged persons at work places. They too have similar aspirations: well educated, self-independent, and an opportunity must be given to showcase their capabilities.

Punjab Sewa Kendra project has provided opportunity for physically challenged persons to earn their livelihood just like any other normal persons. Physically challenged persons in rural areas need both the care and attention of family and staying employed. Employment is the biggest source of self-respect of those who are physically challenged. Punjab Sewa Kendra opened such a window of opportunity to those who are well educated and looking for opportunities to prove themselves.

Currently 2 % of the employees working in Punjab Sewa Kendra project are physically challenged and are catering to the needs of citizens through e-governance platforms. In fact BLS has given these physically challenged persons equal opportunities from the point of recruiting and deputing them in the system for serving the citizens. Even the capacity building and training activity has been undertaken at their work place such that they handle the operations independently and serve the Society in a dignified manner.

By employing physically challenged persons, BLS International found it result oriented in serving the citizens while also providing a dignified life in the society both for rural and urban youth.

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