Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Know your best buys when in Spain

A travel tale remains incomplete without a bag full of goodies that you take home from your trip. There are many visitors who just love to explore various parts of the world, but knowing what exactly to bring home from their time off is something quite taxing. Plenty of tourists often pay a visit to Spain with least idea of things that they should take home from there. If you are also making a plan to visit Spain and bring home some old-fashioned outfits and leather clutches for your buddies and kith and kin, here are few souvenirs and best gifts that you can get back from Spain:

Castanets: It is a popular rhythmic instrument used in Spanish music, the Spanish call it castaƱuelas. Made of bowl-shaped pieces of wood and joined by a cord in pairs, the castanets sounds amazing when fingered together. If you take a deep look at the concave pairs of this instrument, they look like a pair of chestnuts. This is one of the best souvenirs and Spanish gifts that you can buy from Spain.

Fan: Spanish hand fan is a soothing souvenir that you can buy from the Spanish market. The colourful flowery designed Spanish fan is quite handy to carry and a tempting gift as well. If you flock outside any Spanish bar during the summer, you will get to watch many Spanish ladies wielding a hand fan to beat the heat. Spanish hand Fan is certainly one of the best souvenirs buys in Spain.

Espardenyes: Named after the famous Mediterranean grass esparto, Espardenyes or Espadrilles are basically the tradition cloth shoes in Spain. There are a number of shops in Barcelona showcasing an array of espadrilles to sell. You can pick any of the colourful espadrilles models that are either open or fully closed with strings. Traditional Espardenyes from Spain is always a good idea to gift someone back home.

Caganer statuette: This is one of the certain buys if you visit Spain during Christmas. A small shaped Catalan figure having pooh basically depicts the equality of all men and their basic needs. These days, Caganer figures are also available in various shapes depicting some renowned characters. If you pick this pooh figured gift for anyone, make sure to describe the significance of this gift to that person.

Bota: How about taking a sip of Cava from a leather bottle? Bota is a trendy leather wine bottle, which is easy to carry and idyllic for drinking on the go. There is a minuscule hole in the bota that allows you to squirt directly the wine into your mouth. If you have any drinking partner way back your home, gifting him/her a bota could be a great idea.

These are some of the must buy souvenirs from Spain. In addition, there are several other goodies as well that can be purchased from Spain for your friends and relatives at home.

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