Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Amazing destinations that you should visit in Spain

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” - St. Augustine

If you have travelled many parts of the world excluding Spain, your voyage is still unfinished. The cited quote best fits a traveller who has not yet made it to Spain. There are more than thousands of reasons why one should visit Spain. If you are also planning to visit Spain anytime soon, here’s why you should travel to one of the most valued European destinations for once.

Let’s take you for a virtual ride to some of the amazing destinations in Spain.

1. Madrid: If you follow the Spanish Football League on regular basis, Madrid needs no figurative introduction.. The capital city of Spain, Madrid is known for its intoxicating nightlife, lip-smacking food, rich culture and much more alluring things to offer. Reckoned as one of the largest cities in Spain and Europe’s most colourful cosmopolitan cities, Madrid boasts plenty of attractions to offer. If you happen to be here, don’t forget to step into the Puerta del Sol, which is popular for hosting many significant gatherings and electrifying performances. Besides, places like Plaza Mayor and Royal Palace are two more spectacular tourist pullers in Spain.

2. Barcelona: If you want to feel the local vibe blending with architectural luminosity, arresting boutiques, unmatched food and unexplainable natural grandeur, Barcelona may be the place for you to stop by. The tranquil in the city makes you fall in an affair with Barcelona for sure.

3. Costa Brava: For honeymooners and nature buffs, nothing could be a better site than visiting Costa Brava, one of the restful coasts in Europe. Blessed with natural abundance, azure beaches and elegant horseshoes, Costa Brava is a must visit in Spain. In this city, you get to avail some of the finest hotels, locally produced wines and exceptional food. So make sure you don’t miss an opportunity to capture the scenic splendour of the place holding a glass of wine..

4. Cobalt Islands: If you have explored some of the finest Indian beaches in Goa and Andaman’s, I am sure the Spanish Islands are going to change your insight about beaches to a soothing extent. Spain is known for some of the breathtaking Islands in Europe. When in Spain, make sure you count on east of the Spanish mainland, which houses four popular Spanish Islands namely; Formentera, Menorca, Ibiza and Mallorca.

5. Valencia: Nestled in the eastern part of Spain, Valencia is eminent for its iconic complex, the City of Arts. There are several buildings accommodated within the complex where, you get to explore an amazing blend of aquarium, museum and planetarium. The best time to visit Valencia is in the month of March when the famous Fallas Festival is celebrated here with great gusto. This is undoubtedly an ideal hangout hub for children.

Know your best buys when in Spain

A travel tale remains incomplete without a bag full of goodies that you take home from your trip. There are many visitors who just love to explore various parts of the world, but knowing what exactly to bring home from their time off is something quite taxing. Plenty of tourists often pay a visit to Spain with least idea of things that they should take home from there. If you are also making a plan to visit Spain and bring home some old-fashioned outfits and leather clutches for your buddies and kith and kin, here are few souvenirs and best gifts that you can get back from Spain:

Castanets: It is a popular rhythmic instrument used in Spanish music, the Spanish call it castaƱuelas. Made of bowl-shaped pieces of wood and joined by a cord in pairs, the castanets sounds amazing when fingered together. If you take a deep look at the concave pairs of this instrument, they look like a pair of chestnuts. This is one of the best souvenirs and Spanish gifts that you can buy from Spain.

Fan: Spanish hand fan is a soothing souvenir that you can buy from the Spanish market. The colourful flowery designed Spanish fan is quite handy to carry and a tempting gift as well. If you flock outside any Spanish bar during the summer, you will get to watch many Spanish ladies wielding a hand fan to beat the heat. Spanish hand Fan is certainly one of the best souvenirs buys in Spain.

Espardenyes: Named after the famous Mediterranean grass esparto, Espardenyes or Espadrilles are basically the tradition cloth shoes in Spain. There are a number of shops in Barcelona showcasing an array of espadrilles to sell. You can pick any of the colourful espadrilles models that are either open or fully closed with strings. Traditional Espardenyes from Spain is always a good idea to gift someone back home.

Caganer statuette: This is one of the certain buys if you visit Spain during Christmas. A small shaped Catalan figure having pooh basically depicts the equality of all men and their basic needs. These days, Caganer figures are also available in various shapes depicting some renowned characters. If you pick this pooh figured gift for anyone, make sure to describe the significance of this gift to that person.

Bota: How about taking a sip of Cava from a leather bottle? Bota is a trendy leather wine bottle, which is easy to carry and idyllic for drinking on the go. There is a minuscule hole in the bota that allows you to squirt directly the wine into your mouth. If you have any drinking partner way back your home, gifting him/her a bota could be a great idea.

These are some of the must buy souvenirs from Spain. In addition, there are several other goodies as well that can be purchased from Spain for your friends and relatives at home.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Punjab Sewa Kendra : An opportunity to a life of dignity

All humans are gifted in their own way. What matters in the end is how well we make use of natural skills and contribute to Society in a positive manner?

Physical challenged persons too strive for self-image and endowed with special skills. They are aware of their limitations. There are certain things they cannot do in the same way. But at the mental level they are no different from any other person and quite often better than them. A society must be sensitive to encourage and include physically challenged persons at work places. They too have similar aspirations: well educated, self-independent, and an opportunity must be given to showcase their capabilities.

Punjab Sewa Kendra project has provided opportunity for physically challenged persons to earn their livelihood just like any other normal persons. Physically challenged persons in rural areas need both the care and attention of family and staying employed. Employment is the biggest source of self-respect of those who are physically challenged. Punjab Sewa Kendra opened such a window of opportunity to those who are well educated and looking for opportunities to prove themselves.

Currently 2 % of the employees working in Punjab Sewa Kendra project are physically challenged and are catering to the needs of citizens through e-governance platforms. In fact BLS has given these physically challenged persons equal opportunities from the point of recruiting and deputing them in the system for serving the citizens. Even the capacity building and training activity has been undertaken at their work place such that they handle the operations independently and serve the Society in a dignified manner.

By employing physically challenged persons, BLS International found it result oriented in serving the citizens while also providing a dignified life in the society both for rural and urban youth.

Saturday, 1 July 2017

BLS International signs 5 Gulf country contract for Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

BLS International Services Ltd. has signed a contract with Embassy of Afghanistan in UAE, representing the Afghanistan Mission in UAE, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain and Kuwait. Under this partnership, BLS International will be providing consular services through registration of Afghan citizens, etc. The contract was signed by Afghanistan Ambassador in UAE, H.E Abdul Farid Zikria in the presence of Deputy Head of Mission, Naser Jamal along with senior officials from BLS International.

As per the contract, BLS international will open Application Centers in UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain and Qatar for the Embassy of Afghanistan. This contract has been signed to provide services to Afghan citizens who are living in Gulf Zone Countries.

On this occasion, Shikhar Aggarwal, Joint MD, BLS International Services Limited said, “Our endeavour has always been to facilitate state-of the-art services to our clients by creating value for our stakeholders around the globe. We have reinvented the wheel of citizen services by making it a holistic solution with dedicated and professional teams that bring highest level of customer satisfaction. We are glad to partner with Afghanistan Embassy in UAE to provide a framework to enable registration and identification Management for Afghan citizens in Gulf countries.”

While signing the contract, Afghanistan Ambassador in UAE, H.E Abdul Farid Zikria, said, “We have partnered with BLS International looking at their outreach across the world and strong foothold in Gulf region and we hope this association to be fruitful. We intend to provide quality services with efficient processes to our citizens in Gulf countries in which BLS has expertise.”

With this contract, the registered citizens can exercise rights such as the one to property, privacy, freedom of movement and obtaining passport, person’s eligibility to vote and free choice of place of residence, as well as access to social services like education, health care and retirement pension.

Shares of the company have soared by over 21 per cent since its listing on NSE last week and the company is looking to list on the BSE as well in future.

After getting listed on NSE on June 14, the stock opened at Rs 895 the next day and touched an intra-day high of Rs 939 apiece before closing at Rs 875 -- a rise of 22 per cent. 

The stock closed at Rs 872 in the last trading session on Friday, maintaining a gain of 21.3 per cent from its pre-listing price. 

On the company's future plans, Aggarwal told PTI in an interview, "Next year, we are planning to achieve 30-40 per cent growth and around 30 per cent at the profit level." 

BLS has operations in more than 22 countries and is providing services through 101 offices worldwide. It handles close to 3 million applications annually.