Monday, 3 April 2017

BLS International’s Spain Visa Application Centres gain momentum

BLS International offers end-to-end solution in Visa processing to its customers. Being the exclusive company for Visa processing to Spain across the globe, our service standards and technology driven innovative processes meet the highest quality standards anywhere in the world. Since the commencement of the operations on the 18th December 2016, BLS International has opened 96 VACs in 37 countries. BLS International brings value at each stage in the visa processing cycle:
Information dissemination: We provide a personalized guidance to applicants by responding to their queries over phone and email. BLS International has a dedicated country wise website with option for downloading application form and online payment options. They can schedule their appointments with the VAC at available time slots to their convenience.
Scrutiny of application: Every application across the counter is scrutinized for completeness and validity against the checklist given by the Spain Ministry of Foreign Affairs. BLS International offers value added services like form filling, emailing and printing services, photographs, and photocopying facilities for the convenience of the applicants.

Biometric Identifiers: BLS International has facilities for biometric identifiers for Spain Visa Processing including finger, facial, dual iris capture, and signature. These are available in each of our VAC and systems integrating technology, process, and the Embassy for identity checking and authentication capabilities.
Collection of fees: There is payment option in the website or other channels through cash, cards, and other online payment modes at each of the 96 VACs across 37 countries.
Database Management: BLS International has technological platforms for uploading applications into the systems of Spain Embassy at each of the countries. All the applicants are sorted and indexed as per visa category, priority, previous visa application history etc.
Scheduling appointments at the Embassy or Consular Office: The applicant can schedule the appointment with the Spanish Embassy at given interview slots on the dates and visa types. Be it guidance at the VAC or access to the information online, our employees provide a personalized attention to the queries. Our employees go the extra mile so that every applicant has a favourable and informed experience at each stage of the process. 
Safety of Documents: We ensure that the passport and other travel documents are absolutely safe in the Visa Process cycle in the physical movement of the documents to the consular office, BLS International and finally returned back to the applicant.

Being entrusted with a key element of the visa process, BLS International recognizes that its VACs are, in most cases, the only direct contact that an applicant has with a Mission. Operating in 37 countries for Spain Visa processing, BLS International has quickly adapted to the different languages and cultures.

At each VAC, we ensure world class office infrastructure; service and staff involved in this process deliver the highest standards of customer service and security. An applicant is charged a nominal fee under the umbrella of word class services given in return to them. At most of our VACs, BLS International offers value-added services including SMS service alert, form filling, photographs, translation service, photocopy service and convenient courier services.

BLS International operations revolve around enhancing applicants experience in the Visa processing cycle. All our VACs display prominently the Feedback IDs and Information Email ID’s for the customer to get in touch with our team for any clarifications/ assistance.

BLS International is committed to delivering world class service. Every employee is trained for a seamless professional engagement with applicants at all stages of the Visa processing cycle. Feedback, therefore, is of utmost importance where the applicants have an avenue to reach the organization at any point with the assurance that their concerns would be dealt expeditiously. In addition to this we have dedicated teams to attend to customers’ emails and on the Helpline.

BLS International considers customer feedbacks as inputs to reward professional excellence and recognition of meritorious staff; besides scope of improvement in our services. As an organisation we take pride in timely response and resolution of the grievance. Our devoted call center teams provide 24*7 solutions to our customers and assisting them throughout the application process.

It is no surprise that customers are delighted with our service standards and avail our services at every opportunity. We take every point of contact as an opportunity to enhance the reputation of our brand name “BLS International”.