Thursday, 17 August 2017

BLS International registers exponential growth for Q1 FY18 BLS International Services Ltd reports net profit of Rs. 29.06 cr, registers 301% growth in Q1 FY18

Consolidated Results
For the Quarter ended June 30th, 2017 (Q1FY18):
  • Total Income stood at Rs. 195 crore, up by 57.06% q-o-q
  • EBITDA of Rs. 43.3 crore; q-o-q growth of 467.85%
  • Net Profit stood at Rs 29.06 crore; q-o-q growth of 301%
  • EPS for Q1FY18 stood at Rs. 2.84, as compared to Rs. 0.71 (Adjusted for 10:1 split) for Q1FY17

New Delhi, August 10, 2017: BLS International Services Limited (BLS), a specialist provider of Visa, Passport, Attestation and Citizen Services to the Governments across the world, declared its financial results today for the first quarter ended June 30th, 2017.

The company reported Net Profit of Rs. 29.06 crore for Q1 FY18, up by 301%, as compared to Rs. 7.25 crore in the corresponding quarter of last fiscal. The company’s Q1 FY18 PAT margin stood at a robust 14.9%, as compared to 5.8% in Q1 FY17.

Total Income for the quarter ended June 2017 stood at Rs. 195.07 crore, up by 57.06%, as compared to Rs 124.20 crore in the same period last year. The company’s earnings before Interest, Tax, Depreciation and Amortization (EBITDA) in Q1 FY18 stood at Rs. 43.27 crore, up 467.85%. Its EBITDA margin improved from 6.15% in Q1 FY17 to 22.18% in Q1 FY18.

Earnings per share (EPS) for the quarter ended Q1 FY18 stood at Rs. 2.84, as compared with Rs. 0.71 (adjusted for 10:1 split) for the quarter ended Q1 FY17.

Commenting on the financial performance of the company Mr. Shikhar Aggarwal, Joint Managing Director, BLS International Services Limited said, “The exponential results have given a good start to Q1 FY18 which eventually translated the efforts of entire team. These results are a reflection of the pace at which the company is growing that is likely to continue for the next quarters as well. We anticipate further expansion of business in this FY18 with new projects in domestic as well as international market. Our endeavour is to be the preferred service provider for all Governments and Diplomatic Missions in India & overseas.”

The increase in the top line is led by Spain project coupled with expanding reach of the company in domestic market with front end and citizen service project. So far, BLS International has opened 118 offices in 43 countries for the Spain project and will be processing 1.8 Million applications in the current financial year.  

BLS International recently signed the contract with Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in UAE representing the Afghanistan Mission in UAE, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain and Kuwait. Under this partnership, BLS International will be commencing 8 offices providing consular services through registration of Afghan citizens, etc.
Last year, the Govt. of Punjab entrusted BLS International for a unique front end and citizen service project in sync with the Digital India vision as the company has expertise in providing visa processing services to about 29 Govt. clients across the world. BLS, through its 2,147 Sewa Kendras is providing 82 citizen services in close coordination with more than 17 departments of Punjab government. BLS is also an authorized Service Provider for attestation of documents by the Ministry of External Affairs, India. It also serves the Embassy of the State of Kuwait and High Commission of Malaysia and several others in the field of Visa/Attestation of Documents/ Apostille in India.
BLS is also an authorized Service Provider for attestation of documents by the Ministry of External Affairs, India. It also serves the Embassy of the State of Kuwait and High Commission of Malaysia and several others in the field of Visa/ Attestation of Documents/ Apostille in India.
BLS supports the consular framework with streamlined processes and work flows. It has the necessary skilled human resources and technical capabilities (including complete biometric solutions) and financial capabilities to deliver efficient and optimal outsourcing solutions. Moreover, to ensure highly efficient project management, it assigns dedicated teams of skilled and experienced persons with relevant project management experience for each project.
About BLS International Services Limited
(; BSE: 540073; NSE: BLS)
BLS International is the world’s largest Indian specialist service provider for outsourcing of visa, passport, consular, attestation and citizen services to the governments and diplomatic missions globally since 2005. From pre-travel information processes, data processing and biometrics capture of applicants to acceptance of crucial travel documents, BLS plays the catalyst in making travelling easy and effortless. BLS has operations in more than 58 countries and is providing services through 2265 offices worldwide.
Globally, BLS International serves client governments via visa & passport application centers across Asia, Africa, Europe, South America, North America and the Middle East for over 29 client governments. BLS International has operations certified ISO 9001:2008 for Quality Management Systems, ISO 270001-2013 for Information Security Management Systems. The company is listed on the National Stock Exchange (NSE), the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and Metropolitan Stock Exchange of India Ltd.
For More Information, Please Contact:

Ms. Vaishali Sharma
Head – Corp Comm.
BLS International Services
Ph.: +91 - 9643006519

Monday, 7 August 2017

BLS – A socially responsible organization.

It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity and the greatness of humanity is not in being human, but in being humane. Any living being that is sent from the Almighty comes along with a purpose and it is thus defined well when a special body strives to win that purpose. Physically Disabled beings strive for self-respectability and self-esteem by being valuable to the society.
They too have aspirations to be self-independent, and opportunities must be offered by giant corporate houses to showcase their capabilities. Actions of firms that contribute to social welfare, beyond what is required for profit maximization, are classified as CSR. There is no better example than BLS International’s commitment to hiring people with disabilities. These talented professionals bring unique experiences that foster innovation and new ideas while contributing to a culture of warmth and true inclusion.
Physically challenged people are generally aware of their limitations and know there are certain things they cannot do in an ordinary manner. Contradictory to popular belief, it is also true that nature compensates them with higher levels of skills in distinguished aspects. At the mental level, they are no different from any other person and in many cases quite often better than them. Society must be sensitive to encourage corporate houses to include physically challenged persons at work places and organisations should aggressively come forward to participate in this social-corporate partnership.
BLS International - Punjab Sewa Kendra project has provided opportunities for physically challenged persons to earn their livelihood just like any other normal persons. Physically challenged persons in rural areas need both the care and attention of family and staying employed. Employment is the biggest source of self-respect of those who are physically challenged. Punjab Sewa Kendra opened such a window of opportunity to those who are well educated and looking for opportunities to prove themselves. It is a matter of pride for such an organisation that 2% of their workforce form inclusion resources.
Such special resources are catering to the needs of citizens through e-governance platforms. In fact, BLS has given the physically challenged persons equal opportunities from the point of recruiting and deputing them in the system for serving the citizens. Even the capacity building and training activity have been undertaken at their workplace such that they handle the operations independently and serve the society on an equal footing in a dignified manner.
People with disabilities are an important component of a diverse pool of talent and BLS International is determined to draw from this valuable resource. We actively seek to hire disabled employees because of the tremendous value they bring to the workplace.

BLS International introduces Mobile Biometric Services

Mobile Bio metrics is a present-day pre-requisite, among massive portfolio of Value Added Services extended by BLS International Services. The organization aims to disentangle visa application process by providing service in the name of Mobile Bio-metrics at an applicant’s offices/residence or any other location, subject to risk assessment.

How will it benefit an applicant? 

Mobile Biometric services make it effortless to serve large groups better such as corporate employees, students, film production unit members, sport teams, special needs groups, and weddings guests. Besides, these kind of mobile services are also quite convenient, time-saving and hassle free way of submitting their visa application.

Mobile Biometrics is also very effective for privacy, which might be awaited from, but not limited to VIP, actors, singers, artists and entrepreneurs. The services speaks volume of personal delivery of services i.e. a dedicated VAC personnel visits your residence/premise/office.

How does our service work?

Applicants are informed about the option of Mobile Biometrics collections through various sources like website, email and call centre. BLS International’s Website has all the required details about Mobile Biometrics, fees and FAQ’s. 

There on, Dedicated Call Centre number and email ID for inquiry for Mobile Biometrics is published on BLS Spain Visa Application website.

For enquiry, applicants can send their queries on email, separate e-mail ID (mentioned below).

If you wish to avail Mobile Biometrics Services extended by BLS International Services Ltd, then please reach out to us at: 

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Amazing destinations that you should visit in Spain

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” - St. Augustine

If you have travelled many parts of the world excluding Spain, your voyage is still unfinished. The cited quote best fits a traveller who has not yet made it to Spain. There are more than thousands of reasons why one should visit Spain. If you are also planning to visit Spain anytime soon, here’s why you should travel to one of the most valued European destinations for once.

Let’s take you for a virtual ride to some of the amazing destinations in Spain.

1. Madrid: If you follow the Spanish Football League on regular basis, Madrid needs no figurative introduction.. The capital city of Spain, Madrid is known for its intoxicating nightlife, lip-smacking food, rich culture and much more alluring things to offer. Reckoned as one of the largest cities in Spain and Europe’s most colourful cosmopolitan cities, Madrid boasts plenty of attractions to offer. If you happen to be here, don’t forget to step into the Puerta del Sol, which is popular for hosting many significant gatherings and electrifying performances. Besides, places like Plaza Mayor and Royal Palace are two more spectacular tourist pullers in Spain.

2. Barcelona: If you want to feel the local vibe blending with architectural luminosity, arresting boutiques, unmatched food and unexplainable natural grandeur, Barcelona may be the place for you to stop by. The tranquil in the city makes you fall in an affair with Barcelona for sure.

3. Costa Brava: For honeymooners and nature buffs, nothing could be a better site than visiting Costa Brava, one of the restful coasts in Europe. Blessed with natural abundance, azure beaches and elegant horseshoes, Costa Brava is a must visit in Spain. In this city, you get to avail some of the finest hotels, locally produced wines and exceptional food. So make sure you don’t miss an opportunity to capture the scenic splendour of the place holding a glass of wine..

4. Cobalt Islands: If you have explored some of the finest Indian beaches in Goa and Andaman’s, I am sure the Spanish Islands are going to change your insight about beaches to a soothing extent. Spain is known for some of the breathtaking Islands in Europe. When in Spain, make sure you count on east of the Spanish mainland, which houses four popular Spanish Islands namely; Formentera, Menorca, Ibiza and Mallorca.

5. Valencia: Nestled in the eastern part of Spain, Valencia is eminent for its iconic complex, the City of Arts. There are several buildings accommodated within the complex where, you get to explore an amazing blend of aquarium, museum and planetarium. The best time to visit Valencia is in the month of March when the famous Fallas Festival is celebrated here with great gusto. This is undoubtedly an ideal hangout hub for children.

Know your best buys when in Spain

A travel tale remains incomplete without a bag full of goodies that you take home from your trip. There are many visitors who just love to explore various parts of the world, but knowing what exactly to bring home from their time off is something quite taxing. Plenty of tourists often pay a visit to Spain with least idea of things that they should take home from there. If you are also making a plan to visit Spain and bring home some old-fashioned outfits and leather clutches for your buddies and kith and kin, here are few souvenirs and best gifts that you can get back from Spain:

Castanets: It is a popular rhythmic instrument used in Spanish music, the Spanish call it castaƱuelas. Made of bowl-shaped pieces of wood and joined by a cord in pairs, the castanets sounds amazing when fingered together. If you take a deep look at the concave pairs of this instrument, they look like a pair of chestnuts. This is one of the best souvenirs and Spanish gifts that you can buy from Spain.

Fan: Spanish hand fan is a soothing souvenir that you can buy from the Spanish market. The colourful flowery designed Spanish fan is quite handy to carry and a tempting gift as well. If you flock outside any Spanish bar during the summer, you will get to watch many Spanish ladies wielding a hand fan to beat the heat. Spanish hand Fan is certainly one of the best souvenirs buys in Spain.

Espardenyes: Named after the famous Mediterranean grass esparto, Espardenyes or Espadrilles are basically the tradition cloth shoes in Spain. There are a number of shops in Barcelona showcasing an array of espadrilles to sell. You can pick any of the colourful espadrilles models that are either open or fully closed with strings. Traditional Espardenyes from Spain is always a good idea to gift someone back home.

Caganer statuette: This is one of the certain buys if you visit Spain during Christmas. A small shaped Catalan figure having pooh basically depicts the equality of all men and their basic needs. These days, Caganer figures are also available in various shapes depicting some renowned characters. If you pick this pooh figured gift for anyone, make sure to describe the significance of this gift to that person.

Bota: How about taking a sip of Cava from a leather bottle? Bota is a trendy leather wine bottle, which is easy to carry and idyllic for drinking on the go. There is a minuscule hole in the bota that allows you to squirt directly the wine into your mouth. If you have any drinking partner way back your home, gifting him/her a bota could be a great idea.

These are some of the must buy souvenirs from Spain. In addition, there are several other goodies as well that can be purchased from Spain for your friends and relatives at home.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Punjab Sewa Kendra : An opportunity to a life of dignity

All humans are gifted in their own way. What matters in the end is how well we make use of natural skills and contribute to Society in a positive manner?

Physical challenged persons too strive for self-image and endowed with special skills. They are aware of their limitations. There are certain things they cannot do in the same way. But at the mental level they are no different from any other person and quite often better than them. A society must be sensitive to encourage and include physically challenged persons at work places. They too have similar aspirations: well educated, self-independent, and an opportunity must be given to showcase their capabilities.

Punjab Sewa Kendra project has provided opportunity for physically challenged persons to earn their livelihood just like any other normal persons. Physically challenged persons in rural areas need both the care and attention of family and staying employed. Employment is the biggest source of self-respect of those who are physically challenged. Punjab Sewa Kendra opened such a window of opportunity to those who are well educated and looking for opportunities to prove themselves.

Currently 2 % of the employees working in Punjab Sewa Kendra project are physically challenged and are catering to the needs of citizens through e-governance platforms. In fact BLS has given these physically challenged persons equal opportunities from the point of recruiting and deputing them in the system for serving the citizens. Even the capacity building and training activity has been undertaken at their work place such that they handle the operations independently and serve the Society in a dignified manner.

By employing physically challenged persons, BLS International found it result oriented in serving the citizens while also providing a dignified life in the society both for rural and urban youth.

Saturday, 1 July 2017

BLS International signs 5 Gulf country contract for Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

BLS International Services Ltd. has signed a contract with Embassy of Afghanistan in UAE, representing the Afghanistan Mission in UAE, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain and Kuwait. Under this partnership, BLS International will be providing consular services through registration of Afghan citizens, etc. The contract was signed by Afghanistan Ambassador in UAE, H.E Abdul Farid Zikria in the presence of Deputy Head of Mission, Naser Jamal along with senior officials from BLS International.

As per the contract, BLS international will open Application Centers in UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain and Qatar for the Embassy of Afghanistan. This contract has been signed to provide services to Afghan citizens who are living in Gulf Zone Countries.

On this occasion, Shikhar Aggarwal, Joint MD, BLS International Services Limited said, “Our endeavour has always been to facilitate state-of the-art services to our clients by creating value for our stakeholders around the globe. We have reinvented the wheel of citizen services by making it a holistic solution with dedicated and professional teams that bring highest level of customer satisfaction. We are glad to partner with Afghanistan Embassy in UAE to provide a framework to enable registration and identification Management for Afghan citizens in Gulf countries.”

While signing the contract, Afghanistan Ambassador in UAE, H.E Abdul Farid Zikria, said, “We have partnered with BLS International looking at their outreach across the world and strong foothold in Gulf region and we hope this association to be fruitful. We intend to provide quality services with efficient processes to our citizens in Gulf countries in which BLS has expertise.”

With this contract, the registered citizens can exercise rights such as the one to property, privacy, freedom of movement and obtaining passport, person’s eligibility to vote and free choice of place of residence, as well as access to social services like education, health care and retirement pension.

Shares of the company have soared by over 21 per cent since its listing on NSE last week and the company is looking to list on the BSE as well in future.

After getting listed on NSE on June 14, the stock opened at Rs 895 the next day and touched an intra-day high of Rs 939 apiece before closing at Rs 875 -- a rise of 22 per cent. 

The stock closed at Rs 872 in the last trading session on Friday, maintaining a gain of 21.3 per cent from its pre-listing price. 

On the company's future plans, Aggarwal told PTI in an interview, "Next year, we are planning to achieve 30-40 per cent growth and around 30 per cent at the profit level." 

BLS has operations in more than 22 countries and is providing services through 101 offices worldwide. It handles close to 3 million applications annually. 

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Swift Spain Rollout – Race against time to overcome the stiffest odds

Winning the Spain Visa Outsourcing contract in September 2016 was recognition of our strengths, credibility and resources in the Visa/passport outsourcing business on a global scale.

Since, the tender stated a one week roll out which was in favour of the incumbent who had operations already running in different countries, since the earlier service provider was not flexible to provide a transition time if they were to lose the bid, when the usual norm is a minimum of 3 months for such scale of global roll outs.

BLS however took this challenge which even some of the leading companies didn’t and were confident of managing it seamlessly or didn’t want to risk fearing a reputational damage since they felt it can’t be done within a week.
Post the bid, as the results of the tender award was announced in favour of BLS International, we had acted quickly and decisively. Project teams were dispatched to 37 countries to begin the process of scoping for offices, partners, tie ups with vendors and complete the roll out within the 1 week timeline.

However all the excitement and preparations came to a standstill since beginning of 1st week of October 2016, BLS received intimation from the ministry that the project was on hold due to an appeal lodged by the competition. So we held back on preparation though we were informed that whenever it is announced, BLS International had to get everything going in one week to roll out.BLS International had to contend with uncertainty right through this time period.
However BLS was confident that the contract would be awarded to them and continued with their backend preparations without any official communication by the Ministry of Spain about the contract.
That’s when the determination of top management got us going. BLS International made financial investments, managing partner apprehensions wherever it was a tie-up, employee concerns in terms of a definite timeline and joining date, lack of clear timelines for planning the roll out and execution and also aspirations of vendors.

The competition created a lot of hurdles by way of planting false information and maligning our reputation. We had spent a lot on financial investments and manpower energies of the (Visa application Centres) VACs across countries and multiple locations.
The problems were manifold. Properties were finalised without Mission approvals since we were not supposed to get in touch with the Missions till the time the appeal was over. Some of these properties were not available as we had only blocked them unable to confirm on a clear start date.  This meant we had to lookout for alternate properties in prime locations for the proposed VACs.

Our competitor used every trick in the book to hinder us. Some of the vendors backed up in the last minute due to pressure from competition on non-compete clause.

Then, we had to grapple with manpower issues. Staff who had been shortlisted didn’t join as per committed timelines since they were retained by the competition or they were not keen to join given the ambiguity of contract awardence. This also meant that no training from the Mission could happen before the launch as the dates were not known.

While all the above challenges were being handled, on 12th December 2016, BLS International was informed that the contract was awarded in their favour and we had to roll out within a week as per our commitment. We had to go ahead with the earlier preparations and in just one week we signed the MOU, made travel plans, Mission communications, Mission meetings, legal formalities, opened bank accounts, hired staff, and created office infrastructureto meet the deadline.

Now that it was officially signed, we redoubled our efforts in a race against time. The biometric kits had to be dispatched to various locations giving no scope for customs and courier delays., In some cases the situation was so pressing that the kits had to be hand carried by the team to ensure we had at least one kit to start the project. Moreover, websites had to be ready not only in English but multiple languages in most countries, application testing had to be done, training on the application had to be provided to teams on the ground apart from sourcing the hardware as per the specifications in the last minute.

Despite these challenges, it was a matter ofgreat pride when BLS International rolled out on the due date in 36 locations and 53 VACs. It was a miracle that a task that takes no less than 3 months were compressed to a week on a global roll out.  

This was entirely a result of a strong management and extraordinary commitment of our employees. Within a week of the roll out the peak season for China had commenced on account of Chinese New Year and we processed more than 1000 applications per day. The staff worked overtime to ensure no delays in our submission to the Mission next day.

We had to overcome teething troubles when some of the locations were not approved by the Mission. We found new locationsand made transition in a short duration which meant added financial burden apart from going through the process all over again.

BLS International rolled out phase 2 and phase 3 locations within a month of the phase 1 roll out. We are proud to have rolled out 55 more centres with a total of 108 VAC as on date exceeding 5,50,000 applications processed as of May 2017.

In summary BLS managed not only to meet the timelines as per the tender but also a seamless transition within a week, which is something that competitors have never been able to achieve so far inspite of their years of experience

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Punjab Sewa Kendras touches 700,000 applications a month

Transparency and accountability are twin pillars of good governance. It is of paramount importance for any responsible government to ensure the delivery of its programs and activities reach the people without leakage and pilferage.

E-governance in India has no better ambassador than the state of Punjab. Launched in the middle of August 2016, these Sewa Kendras dot the state map in 2,147 centers. In these 9 months of operations, the daily footfall is over 30,000. Nearly 700,000* applications in the month of May, 2017 is sufficient proof that the citizens of this progressive state have embraced e-governance with both hands.

Each month since its launch, these Sewa Kendras have found favour with the citizens. Starting with 1.51 lakh applications in the first full month of operations in September, 2016; it has now touched 7,00,000 applications in May, 2017 showing a 24% increase from the previous month April figures. The response has been overwhelming and figures are nowhere any stabilizing; there has been an exponential growth on a month-to-month basis.

In a country like India with a wide geographical spread, bureaucratic complexities, red tape, stifling procedures; e-governance is the only tool to plug the leaks in the system. The corruption in the system is so prevalent that India consistently figures in the ratings as the one of the most corrupt countries in the world.

Indian citizens are used to “running pillar to post” and “greasing the palms” for basic services – registering a property, applying for electricity or ration card, collecting pension, birth, wedding, death certificates, caste certificates to name a few – unless there is access to a Tehsildar, MLA, or bureaucrat in the top level of administration. Fortunately gone are those days. Welcome to e-governance!

Good governance practices that have installed transparency and accountability through computerization of all the public dealing Departments, including the Police, Judiciary, transportation, and registration of properties.

The development of information technologies has brought about fundamental changes in the relationship between citizens and public authorities and local governments. Today the media is vociferous in taking on vested interests and exposing acts of misgovernance and corruption through RTI. The Government machinery is more than aware that citizens have multiple mechanisms and cannot be inconvenienced.

Punjab is a proof that corruption can be curbed by systematic changes in governance through introducing participation, transparency, accountability and probity in administration. The government’s initiatives to incorporate Citizens’ Charters, Right to Information, e-Governance, Report Cards and Social Audits is an illustration for other state governments in the Union.

BLS International plays a major role in Punjab Sewa Kendras as they operate and manage all the 2,147 centers. They are single-point contact for citizens of Punjab for all their government documentation needs. Through investments in IT systems, robust Data Management System, disciplined workforce; these Sewa Kendras provide 82 citizen-centric services (of the proposed 223 as the rest of the services will be added subsequently).

The benefit to the citizens of Punjab is immense and immediate: convenience of availing services at a Sewa Kendra close to their homes in a time-bound and transparent manner and importantly 82 services pertaining to 17 departments under one roof.

E-governance in Punjab is showing the way for other states in India to follow in ensuring transparency and accountability for efficient and effective delivery of government services. 

*  The reduction in count from Dec-Feb was on account of the demonetisation effect.

BLS Spain Visa – Mission Accomplished

Visa/application processing is a niche market with only a few specialized players globally. BLS International is the only Indian player and is the second largest globally. It has processed ~ 16 million applications till date and ~ 1.5 million in FY 2016.

Winning the 175 million Euro contract of the Spain government in June 2016 has been a feather in BLS International’s cap. It is a testimony to our professional skills, technological competence and trained manpower to deliver services of global standards.

BLS International commenced operations of Spain Visa processing on 18th December, 2016. In this time period, BLS International opened Spain Visa Applications Centers (VACs) in 108 locations in 38 countries across Asia, Africa, Europe, and South America. Our target is to open 129 Spanish visa application centers in 47 countries.

Being exclusively entrusted with a key element of the Spain visa process, BLS International recognizes that its VACs are, in most cases, the only direct contact that an applicant has with a Mission. Operating in 38 countries for Spain Visa processing, BLS International has quickly adapted to the different languages and cultures in these six months of operations.

At each VAC, BLS ensures world class office facilities to deliver the highest standards of customer service. An applicant is charged a nominal fee under the umbrella of word class services given to them. At most of the VACs, BLS International offers value-added services including Premium Lounge, SMS service alert, photocopy form filling, kids-corner and convenient courier services.

BLS International has taken painstaking efforts to delivering world class service. All our BLS International – Spain VACs displays prominently the Feedback IDs and Information Email ID’s for the customer to get in touch with our team for any clarifications/ assistance. BLS has devoted call center teams that provide 24*7 solutions to our customers through customers’ E-mails and the Helpline.

BLS International commenced operations of Spain Visa processing on 18th December, 2016. It gives us great pride to have processed 560,000 processed visa applications to Spain as on May 26, 2017.

We are extremely proud of our partnership with Spain MAEC (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation) marking our entry into the prestigious Schengen market. By executing the Spain contract successfully, BLS International has proved itself to be in the major league of Visa processing industry. 

With India’s Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi visiting Spain on 31 May 2017 to boost strategic and investment partnership and help grow the India-Spain partnership, BLS International expects Spain becoming a popular tourist destination.

BLS International expresses our heartfelt thanks to Spain embassies in these 38 countries, applicants, our dedicated employees and the general public on their unstinted support and cooperation.

Annual Results: BLS International registers exponential growth

For the financial year ended 31st March 2017, company reported gross revenue of INR 635 crores, up 26% and an EBITDA of INR 82 crores, up 124%, while the PAT stood at Rs.50 crores, up 62% over the corresponding year last year.

During the Q4 ended March 2017, the company rolled out its operations for the Spain contract. It reported gross revenue of Rs. 194 crores, and an EBITDA of Rs. 34 Crores, up 70 % and 529% respectively, over the corresponding period of last quarter. The Company maintained robust EBITDA margins of 51% (40% corresponding period last year) on Net revenue.
Shikhar Aggarwal, Joint MD, BLS International in an interview to CNBC-TV18 spoke about the company’s Q4 performance and the outlook going forward. Mr. Aggarwal said Spain order and Punjab e-Govt rollout will aid FY18 revenues. “Besides these two major projects, BLS International is bidding for more global contracts & domestic e-Governance projects,” he said.

Punjab Sewa Kendras, the flag bearer of e-governance, bringing transparency in citizen services

Digital India, a campaign launched by the Government of India, aims to reach the Government services to citizens electronically by improved online infrastructure, increased Internet connectivity and digitally empowering citizens through advances in technology. Digital India is a transformative game-changing tool of governance; it eliminates middlemen and provides access to public services accountable, transparent and efficient.

What are Sewa Kendras?
As of part of ‘Digital India' initiative, 2,147 e-governance centres called “Sewa Kendras” were set across Punjab state connecting every major village and town in the state. The citizens can access government services close to their residence and in a timely manner.
These Sewa Kendras minimises public interaction with various offices and act as a catalyst to help people get their routine administrative works done in a speedy manner. The Department of Governance Reforms currently provides 82 citizen-centric services of the proposed 223 to people working with 17 departments under one roof.  The rest 151 will be added in a phased manner.
Any citizen of Punjab can approach any of the 2,147 Sewa Kendras and apply for a new or renew various documents like Birth & Death Certificates, Arms License, Affidavit Attestation or avail of services such as, Bus Passes, Electricity Bill Payment, Identity Card Services, Marriage Registration – there are 82 citizen services available currently from the Sewa Kendras.

Performance of Sewa Kendras
BLS International was chosen as a delivery partner for its strengths and proven expertise in Strong technology expertise, Data Management System expertise, Proven Track record, project management capabilities, quality human resources and response management.
BLS International has deployed state-of-art-technology to secure and maintain sensitive citizen data and personal details. The company has so far processed over 700,000 applications in 8 months of operations.  With a daily footfall of approx. 30,000, these Sewa Kendras are making a huge difference in the lives of citizens in Punjab through efficient delivery of government services.
Social Impact of Sewa Kendras
BLS International employs an army of 4721 youths to processes approx. 700,000 applications a month.  
BLS International not only provides employment but also inculcated discipline, imbibe new jobs skills from working on IT/ Non IT systems, handling customer grievances and latest project management skills.